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What would a book reviewer say about your book?

As a writer, it's probably a question you've asked yourself. Would they like it? What might readers pick out for improvement?

Fortunately, beta reading is like getting a review before your book is published—only with more detailed feedback and an editorial eye to help you fix plot holes, tighten character arcs & pacing, and overall make sure your story is having the desired impact.

With our beta services, you will receive 1-2 passes of in-depth comments identifying areas that need improvement, suggestions for changes, and positive notes on what's working in your story. At the end, you'll get a beta letter summarizing our reading experience (your very own review!), as well as the option for us to fill out a custom or our standard beta questionnaire.


Choose Your Editor



Need a little help from a word witch for your craft?

As a self-proclaimed "idea factory," I am armed with creative thinking and a knack for finding (or making) connections within writing. If you're seeking help to perfect your plot or character relationships, or brainstorming lots of "what-ifs," you've come to the right witch.



My goal as an editor is to bring out your natural storytelling talents and take care of all the grammatical shenaniganry while staying true to your author voice. It's been one of my great joys and passions to work with writers and encourage their strengths while ensuring their words flow as distinctly as possible.

Every story is unique, and I want you to know what works wonderfully in your writing as I help smooth any concerns. Your tales deserve to be polished to their greatest shine and shared with the world.

*Note: this will direct you to Jordan's editing page on her personal site

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