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My goal as an editor is to bring out your natural storytelling talents and take care of all the grammatical nuts and bolts while staying true to your author voice. It's been one of my great joys and passions to work with writers and encourage their strengths while ensuring their words flow as distinctly as possible.

Every story is unique, and I want you to know what works wonderfully in your writing as I help smooth any concerns. Your tales deserve to be polished to their greatest shine and shared with the world.

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About the Editor


Jordan Duncan graduated with a BA in English in 2020 and began editing freelance that same year. She is a member of the Quill & Crow Publishing House editing team, and she offers her pen to authors and presses who wish to honor her with their words.



I primarily edit YA and adult fiction. This includes novels, novellas, short stories, and micro-fiction. I have the most experience with fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, contemporary romance, dystopian, suspense/horror, and literary gothic. I accept works with nearly every type of content, but please include content warnings with your request so I can make an informed decision.

I do not offer editing for nonfiction or fiction centered on modern religious/political themes. If you are unsure whether your writing falls under my expertise, contact me with a description of your work.

I offer a free sample edit of the first 2,000 words for works 30k words or over or the first 1,000 words for works between 20k – 29k words. If you are satisfied with my editing, I will evaluate your project and give a final quote.

Copy Editing

  • Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax according to preferred style guide and dictionary.

  • Checks for continuity and consistency errors (i.e. character performing an action twice, change in descriptions or names, etc.).

  • Technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, numbers, and formatting.

  • Minor fact-checking (not to be substituted for in-depth research; copy editing corrects up-front errors but does not include detailed referencing).

Copy Pricing

General Guideline (rounded up after 500 words)

$0.007 per word​

10k words — $70

20k words — $140

50k words — $350

90k words — $630

100k words — $700

Line Editing

Includes copy editing, plus:

  • Improves clarity, consistency, and conciseness on a "line by line" basis.

  • Suggestions are made to smooth clutter, eliminate redundancies and repetition, clear up confusing phrases or passages, and promote your writing voice in the most distinct way possible.

  • Plot, character, and narrative suggestions to improve believability and readability.


Note: this does not stand in for revisions or developmental editing. For plot development help, see my beta reading services.

Line Pricing

General Guideline (rounded up after 500 words)

$0.012 per word​

10k words — $120

20k words — $240

50k words — $600

90k words — $1,080

100k words — $1,200

Note: These prices are guidelines to help estimate cost. Since each project is unique and requires different types/levels of editing, please contact me for an official quote. There is no obligation to hire me for requesting information.


After the editing agreement is signed, half of the total cost will be due before editing begins, with the remainder due upon project completion. Invoices will be sent for your records on both counts. I do not charge taxes or service fees; the final quote I give is the only amount you will pay.

I accept payment through PayPal, but alternatives will be considered upon request. I also offer flexible payment plans for indie authors – just ask! :)


Editing Calendar

Titles I've Worked On

Additional Titles

"Presage of a Sacrificial Lamb"


"The Great Hunt"

and more

by Spyder Collins

*Including various short stories, authors not listed for privacy reasons


"Jordan was a joy to work with and very professional from start to finish. She kept me informed as she went so I knew when to expect edits, and her editorial work itself was stellar. Her chatty commentary helped me know whether my scenes were having the intended emotional impact. She helped me in the war against Sir Darent and Sir Shant and left my manuscript much improved—I couldn't have done it without her."
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