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5 Cozy Shows to Binge This Winter

Winter is the time for slowing down, resting, and enjoying the simple pleasures. In other words, it's perfect for binge watching a cozy show!

NOTE: Click the show links to teleport where they're streaming!

5 Cozy Shows to Binge This Winter Coffee, Book, and Candle

If you're a Disney adult or fan of fairytale and mythology retellings, Once Upon a Time is the ultimate show for you. Henry Mills discovers that the inhabitants of Storybrooke, Maine are fairytale characters who've been cursed to forget who they truly are and embarks on a quest to help everyone get their memories back.

Spanning seven seasons and several realms, Once Upon a Time rewrites our favorite stories into an intricate web of beautiful character arcs, dramatic plot twists, and plenty of humor. With hope and belief in oneself at the center of this show, viewers are sure to be filled with the warm fuzzies while watching familiar-yet-new tales play out in the modern world as well as their respective realms.

If you find yourself wanting more after you've finished the show, don't worry! There are cute books that dive deeper into some of the characters' backstories.

This one-season spinoff follows Will Scarlet and Alice as they race to find Alice's lost love and save Wonderland from its own dark curse. Their adventures cross over with the events of the parent series, adding depth to an already layered plot.

Unfortunately, this season was not as successful as its predecessor due to a crappy time slot and poor marketing. However, its short length makes it perfect for a quick, cozy watch with a perfect wrap-up ending.

This incredible story unfolds over a trilogy of animated series and one full-length film that ties them all together. It all starts when Jim Lake Jr. becomes the first human Trollhunter tasked with protecting the realm of Trollmarket, as well as the human world on the surface. He can't do it all on his own, though. Jim is joined by his comedic relief best friend and his crush/future girlfriend (and what a power couple they make!).

The trio's adventures expand when a charming wizard's apprentice (whose voice you'll recognize as Hook from Once Upon A Time) and fugitive royal siblings from a far-off planet get involved. Once their separate conflicts merge, this ragtag group of friends becomes the only thing standing between the world and ancient gods ushering in an apocalypse.

Like Once Upon a Time, the Tales of Arcadia also extends into the world of print; there are eight books and two comics!

DreamWorks Dragons

You're probably familiar with the How to Train Your Dragon movie trilogy that made you fall in love and then ripped your heart out again and again. Fortunately, the three series spanning the timeline between the first and second movies are the perfect balance of lighthearted humor and beautiful character arcs.

Kicking off with Dragons: Riders of Berk immediately after the first film, we see Hiccup overseeing Berk's new relations with the dragons and navigating the connections he made with other characters in the first film.

Following that, Defenders of Berk expands from the Dragon Training Academy Hiccup establishes and introduces threats and characters from beyond Berk, forcing the team to step outside their comfort zone.

By Dragons: Race to the Edge, our ultimate favorite installment, the characters are closest to their ages in the second film and have formed more of a cohesive team. The now young adult dragon riders leave Berk entirely to establish an outside base and explore distant lands, cataloguing new dragons and facing much larger threats. We see more antics from the lovable side characters, watch Hiccup and Astrid's relationship evolve into a romance, and discover the grueling hardships that push Hiccup into becoming a badass leader.

Cozy Shows to Binge this Winter Coffee, Book, and Candle

Cozy Shows to Binge this Winter Coffee, Book, and Candle

If it weren't already apparent, dark and whimsical is our jam, which puts Locke & Key right up our alley!

After the death of their father, the Locke children leave their home in the city and move into his ancestral home, Key House––a mansion with magical keys that whisper to those who are worthy and unlock incredible possibilities. Want to see inside your head or instantly jump from one side of the world to another? No problem! Just beware the dangers these keys can lead to, as well as the evil lady from the well who is hellbent on collecting all of them.

Have you watched any of these shows? Hit us up @bookish_witches on Twitter or leave a comment below so we can geek out!

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Unknown member
Jan 21, 2022

I LOVE IT, big fan of how to train your dragon, IMO one of the rare "films that were actually better than the books"!

Jan 22, 2022
Replying to

I agree! Kori and I adore what DreamWorks did with the movies 🥰

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