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Bookish Holiday Gift Ideas

It's holiday time, which means good food, relaxation, and holiday shopping. If you've got a bookish person in your life, we have gift ideas they're sure to geek over!

Bookish Holiday Gift Ideas Coffee, Book, and Candle


It sucks to stop in the middle of a good read, but sometimes it's unavoidable. So bookmarks are always a good idea! You can choose regular bookmarks, woodworks, magnetic book marks, and more. Go the extra mile by getting one with their favorite characters or quotes on it!

Bookish Purse, Tote, or Wallet

Get your bookworm something they can use on the daily that will hold all their important things—bookish gift cards, bookshop membership cards, cash for buying books...bonus points if the bag is big enough to carry their current read in!

Upcoming Release Preorder

Bookworms are always anticipating the next release from their favorite authors. Preordering it will ensure they get a copy ASAP, and most preorders come with sweet bonus content!

Reading Journal

Many bookworms like to keep track of their reading goals, the books they've read, their favorite quotes, etc. A cute bookish journal to record it all in would be much appreciated!

Commissioned Art

We all wish we could live inside our favorite stories, right? Commission a piece of art featuring your bookworm in their favorite bookish world or as their favorite character! They'll geek out, and you can feel good knowing you've gotten them a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Special Copies

Sometimes, one version of their favorite book just isn't enough. If you want to play it safe, get them a special copy of their favorite book or series! You can choose miniature versions, signed copies, special luxe editions from bookish shops, or hand-painted copies with sprayed or stenciled edges. Either way, your bookworm will love a new, fancy copy.

Author Tour/Event Tickets

What's better than getting their favorite author's latest release? Getting an event copy that comes with a tour ticket purchase AND getting to sit in on an exclusive interview with the potential to interact with the author!

Book Sleeves

Books can take a beating during travel. So why not get a nice book sleeve to keep their current read safe and pristine wherever they go? There are tons of versions to choose from with single colors, cute prints, or fanart. Some have pockets or pencil holders. If you really want to make it special, get one that's personalized!

E-reader Cover

Does your bookworm use an e-reader? A new case/cover would probably be appreciated! It's a good way to keep their device safe, and if they already have one, they can switch them up according to their mood!

Earbuds / Case

Got an audiobook lover on your shopping list? Why not gift them an extra pair of earbuds and/or a case to keep them safe? Things happen, and they'll be glad to have a backup pair when theirs go missing or stop working.


Fanart is always a good idea. Standees have gotten very popular recently, and we guarantee your bookworm will love a little artwork of their favorite character or OTP to stand up on their shelves.

Bookish Perfume

Perfumes scented like their favorite characters or settings will help your bookworm feel like they're IN the story and can even give them a confidence boost!

Winter Gear

It's getting colder, and your bookworm definitely wants to be cozy while reading or dealing with the real world. Cute bookish hats, scarves, socks, etc. will keep your bookworm warm and give them the warm fuzzies.

Mug Warmer

Another way to keep them warm and cozy during their reading sessions! Sometimes, we get lost in a book and completely forget about the mug of deliciousness sitting beside us. A mug warmer will ensure their drink stays hot and they won't have to get up to reheat (or call you to do it).

Specialty Drinks

And of course they'll need something to keep warm inside said mug, right? Whether your bookworm prefers coffee, tea, or cocoa, there are tons of online sites with holiday flavors to keep your bookworm extra cozy. You can also find cocoa bombs and kits from various sellers, like our friends at Kitchen Witch Gourmet!

Annotation Tools

Does your bookworm like to annotate their reads? Then they'll definitely need tabs, pens, highlighters, highlighter pencils, and/or a notebook! A cute pencil pouch to keep it all in would also be a good idea. We love the neat designs and writing utensil selection from Of Aspen. You can pick items yourself or get them a mystery pack based off their hobbies and aesthetics.

Bookish Jewelry

Like cozy sweaters with our favorite book graphics, bookish jewelry is another way for your bookworm to rep their faves! Look for bracelets with their favorite quotes, necklaces and earrings with symbols fellow fans will recognize. Or order custom-made jewelry with your favorite character names or phrases, offered at shops like Kori's Get Bent and Hammered!

Need even more ideas? Check out our previous gift guide posts here!

Thanks for tuning into another Coffee, Book, and Candle post! Don't forget you can also find us on bookstagram and Twitter. Otherwise, we'll see you again soon!

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