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Jordan's Best of 2020

Aha, another best of 2020 highlight reel! Because a year as nonsensical as this deserves a dash of goodness to send it off on a high note. Don't forget to check out Kori's Best of 2020 if you haven't already!


Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

Kingdom of Ash Sarah J. Maas best books of 2020

I'm a sucker for epic fantasy, and the final book in Maas's Throne of Glass series capped off that saga with a very satisfying, well-written, and badass ending. I haven't found another YA epic fantasy series I've liked as much as Paolini's Inheritance Cycle, but Throne of Glass tops it for me and has a much more rewarding payoff to boot.

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

Dance of Thieves Mary E. Pearson best books of 2020

Dance of Thieves comes in close second for my favorite fantasy reads of 2020 and now sits pretty near the top of my favorite YA fantasy list. It's fast-paced, extremely character-driven (my favorite), and equal parts action, tension, and romance. The two main characters are absolutely lovable, intelligent, and dedicated to each other. I was hooked from beginning to end; this will be a definite re-read in the future.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman best books of 2020

It's unusual for a nonfiction book to make it into my top 3 yearly reads, but of course the exception would be Neil Gaiman's! Besides being a general fan of his work and storytelling style, I am a) a sucker for mythology and b) drawn to any nonfiction that doesn't make me feel like I'm readying for an exam. To get my full thoughts on Norse Mythology, you can find my review here.



I can't express the level of fangirl I have for this show in a mere paragraph, but I shall attempt. If you've seen the glorious things DreamWorks animation did with the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, then get ready for your new DreamWorks obsession headed by Guillermo del Toro. A complex, entertaining storyline filled with fantastic characters whose arcs sit right up there with HTTYD and Avatar for me . . . you bet your ass I'm re-watching the shit out of this.


I'm Certified

Ah, yes, that very expensive piece of paper known as a degree. I obtained that magical parchment this spring, transforming me into a certified Grammar Nazi. Huzzah!

New Digs

Shortly after obtaining my magic parchment, I moved into a new home with three housemates (one of which I'm related to). It's lovely, within our budget, has enough space to accommodate all of us, and most importantly it's ours. Well . . . as far as renting makes something yours.

Blog Launch

Coffee, Book, and Candle book blog Jordan and Kori

How could I leave out one of the biggest personal accomplishments of 2020: mine and Kori's blog! It's been such a wonderful experience teaming up with my best book witch to bring our own bookish space to life, and to finally crack into that industry we've always salivated over: book blogging and bookstagram.

Thank each and every one of you who have been part of our journey so far, and we hope to continue meeting and working with more amazing people!

Thanks for sticking around for our best of 2020! We'd love to share the good vibes and read about your biggest highlights; drop them in the comments below!

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