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Valentine's Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Love is in the air and one of the Five Love Languages— gifts. Handmade gifts especially are incredible, which is why we've put together a gift guide full of items from artists on sites like Etsy and Redbubble! These sites are treasure troves for nerds, so no matter what genre, trope, or OTP your book lover is into, we've got you covered!


This is one thing that's sure to set any book lover squealing! We will NEVER be able to get enough of our favorite bookish romances, so you can never go wrong here. What's more is there's such a wide variety of items that fall under this category— art prints, candles, pins, clothing items, mugs, accessories, you name it!


What's a reading session without your favorite beverage to enjoy alongside it? Not as fun, that's what! But add a cute mug and the entire experience has gotten so much more enjoyable. Whether you want something adorable, snarky, or steamy (get it?), there's sure to be a mug your bookworm will geek out over!


Oftentimes, our favorite quotes are said to or about a person in one of our ships, so finding a romantic bookish quote printed on a bookmark, mug, clothing item, pin, or literally anything else would make your book lover swoon. Brownie points for selecting a quote that means something special to them or that reminds you of them! (Note: my boyfriend did this for me once, and I legit almost cried. It serves as a source of inspiration when I need it.)


Okay, maybe this one is a bit cheesy, but isn't that partly what the holiday is all about? Sometimes we (especially women) like a little cheese! Like some of the other gift ideas on this guide, this one can be any number of items like a mug or tea, perfume, a cute décor item, bath products, a candle, or even an actual spell/oil/etc. from a witch!


Chocolates are nice and all, but why not try something new and more catered to their interests? Companies like ma-ka-rohn make holiday and fandom-inspired noms, or you can find someone online or locally who would love to make custom treats for you! (Note: Kori purchased ma-ka-ron's Harry Potter inspired line, and they were DELICIOUS!). Go the extra mile and try a bookish-inspired recipe for/with them—Fiction Food Cafe has a TON of options to choose from!


I mean, Funkos are adorable already, but having your favorite bookish characters, book boyfriends/girlfriends, or OTPs takes it to a whole other level.


Want to get your book lover a little bling for the holiday? Why not skip the generic heart jewelry and search up some pieces inspired by their favorite books, like this Throne of Glass ring on Etsy? It's doubly meaningful if you know your bookie relates to a certain character or quote the jewelry is based on.


If you know bookies, they love their reading candles. While gifting a candle based on any of their fandoms is already a win, you can up the sweetness factor by choosing a candle with one of their favorite romantic quotes or inspired by a favorite literary couple—even better if it reminds you of them!

No matter what you decide to get your bookish sweetie, the fact that you took time to delve into their interests and fandoms will mean the world to them. Even a bookmark or bookish mug is already a step up from your typical plush-and-chocolate combo, so you're on the right path. Go get 'em, tiger!

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