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Jordan's Genres

Middle-Grade Fiction: I generally don't read this genre, but if you've got something along the lines of Harry PotterPercy JacksonSeptimus Heap, Spiderwick Chronicles, or Redwall, you've got my attention.

YA and Adult Fiction: Fantasy / Paranormal / Sci-Fi / Humor / Romance (non-erotic) in any of my listed genres.

Nonfiction: Lore, mythology, ancient cultures, witchy stuff, books on writing. If it talks about fictitious stuff and/or I can use it as a writing reference, I'm in.

Kori's Genres

Middle-Grade Fiction: While it is not my favorite genre, it is what made me fall in love with reading. I really loved the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson stories, and I have a few other books in this genre on my TBR. If it involves epic quests, magic powers, mythological creatures or monsters, I'm always down for an easy read from this genre.

YA and Adult Fiction: Fantasy is my all-time favorite genre, but I also enjoy Sci-Fi and Paranormal. From time to time, I will sit down with a John Greene or Nicholas Sparks novel (hey, I'm a woman!) for a quick, romantic read. As long as there is a compelling story, I'll at least give it a shot.

Nonfiction: While this used to be a genre I avoided, I have developed a love for it in the past year or so. At the moment, I am loving reading about other cultures, especially their mythology, folklore, and spiritual beliefs and customs. As with most of my other genres, if it includes anything otherworldly, I'm all about it. I love reading about witches and the craft, tarot and divination, plants, pirates, psychology, and philosophy.

Attention: Due to our backlog, we are not currently accepting review requests. Please check back later to see if we've re-opened them. Thanks!


Coffee, Book, & Candle accepts review requests for traditional, self-published, and ARC books in print or ebook format, but print is preferred (be aware ebooks will take longer to review due to the technology requirement). Generally, we will have a review published within 2-3 weeks of receiving the book, but time frames may vary depending on the length and complexity of the novel, as well as the amount of backlog we have. We will give a more accurate projected date upon acceptance of the book.

Fiction is preferred; the nonfiction exceptions can be found in the author preferences below. You may request a review from a specific author or allow us to decide who will give the review. It is recommended you read at least a couple of our posts to familiarize yourself with our reviewing style. Please see our preferred genres to make sure your book is a good fit for us.

Send review requests to with "Review Request" in the subject.

Disclaimers: All reviews will contain the authors' opinions and shall not be swayed by promises of sweets or coffee, no matter how much we love them. Our reviews may contain spoilers, which we will mark appropriately. We reserve the right to decline review requests.

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