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French Literature

Book Services

We offer an array of bookish services for writers and bloggers. Our goal is to help you create the content that speaks to you, with one-on-one help and services tailored to your interests. We believe every story weaves its own magic.


Beta Reading

As dedicated book reviewers, editors, and writers, we're well-acquainted with the elements that best pull a story together. Timely, insightful feedback that targets developmental areas in your draft can save you tons of rewrites and hassle. Let us be your wing witches!



Every writer knows editing is the final ingredient needed to polish your work before it's released into the wild. We offer careful line and copy editing, plus affordable bundles for short stories and novellas, to help your writing shine and bring out the best elements of your prose. 


Book Marketing

Marketing a book takes time—time you could spend on writing. But hiring a marketer to work their techno-wizard magic full time isn't always sustainable. That's why we let you tailor the marketing experience you want, with practical tips you can apply long after you don't need us anymore.


Witchy Services

Spirituality comes in many forms; we seek the everyday spirituality of becoming in tune with ourselves and our intuition. With readings aimed at better understanding our desires and what might be holding us back, we offer compassionate guidance into what the cards and charts are telling you.


Tarot Readings

Whether you're in the mood for a one-card draw or an in-depth spread, the book witches' tarot decks are at your service. With years of practice and study under our belts, we understand tarot is an individualized guide for each person. No reading will be the same, and perhaps you'll find the insight you've been searching for.


Astrology Readings

What do the planets and when you were born have to do with the energies in your life? Astrology is about so much more than your Zodiac signs. If you've ever wanted to get a deeper understanding of yourself, what drives you, and how your intuition naturally guides you, try one of our natal chart readings.

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