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The Witch's Cottage

Hello and welcome to my cozy blog corner!

I'm Kori (or Kor), and unfortunately I do not have publications for your viewing pleasure (yet). But if you'd like to keep up with me and see when I finally start publishing, you can find me on social media as @korreads.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Fairytales, mythology, and folklore are my main sources of inspiration.

  • I am currently juggling 5 WIPS and am not sure which will be completed first (thanks, Gemini Moon).

  • I was born just after Beltane.

  • My day job is full time co-owner/operator of a metalsmithing business.

  • I got matching Velaris / ACOTAR tattoos with one of my besties.

  • When I'm not reading or writing, I'm probably practicing or researching astrology, tarot, or old tales.

  • Though I'm a cinnamon roll, my favorite characters are usually the grumpy badasses.


Meet Kori's familiar, Dahlia the Empress

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