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The Goblin King

Book 1 in the Twisted Fae series

I wish my family had been superstitious. I wish I’d never been taught that faeries were benevolent creatures who grant miracles and watch over small children. Were that true, I would have escaped Faerie a long . . . long time ago.

Tessa Alvaro has been a prisoner of the Sidhe, the fae nobility, for over twenty years. She's learned all their tricks, their deceits, their weaknesses, and has been secretly saving for her ticket home: a faerie trod to the mortal realm.

Plans change when she's saved from near-death at the Goblin Market by a fae with a power she's never encountered. The fae knows of her ability to find lost objects and wants to strike a deal: work for him and earn her freedom. 

Her refusal sets in motion a deadly game of cunning against an opponent she couldn't have foreseen: The Goblin King. Spirit Drinker. The cast-out Unseelie monarch of an underground empire, feared even by the Sidhe she's served for years.

But Tessa won't bow to anyone, and hers and the king's shared ruthlessness threatens to be their undoing . . . one way or another.

Adult Dark Fantasy

Goblin King Cover 3.png

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YA Urban Fantasy

Forging Silver.jpg

Forging Silver

Book 1 in the Mythic Chronicles

Rayven Silvers has no plans for the future. She figures she'll finish high school, keep up her drawing and passion for superhero comics, but other than that, she hopes for the best. At least, until a mysterious purple-eyed girl appears—one only Ray can see who now haunts her dreams.

Things only get stranger from there: Ray's migraines seem tied to freaky events caused by her emotions. An ominous raven is following her in addition to Creepy Girl. Her family and best friend Nick are acting secretive, as if they know something.

There's only one conclusion Ray can draw: she has superpowers.

Turns out, that's not all it's cracked up to be. Beings known as Mythics inhabit the world alongside humans, and Ray's budding magick means she's one of them. Ancient powers the Mythics have long been at war against are once again stirring . . . a quest that now falls to Rayven and those closest to her.

Right. Because she's absolutely prepared for that.

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