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Coffee, Book, & Candle is a book blog hosted by two literature nerds who love to read, write, and rant about all things bookish. Here, the wayward adventurer will find book reviews, writing tips, and the ravings of the mad (er, our humble opinions).

Feel free to contact us using the handy contact form below. If you are an author interested in a review, please refer to our Review Policy. If you are a blogger interested in guest posting here or having us guest post on your site, email coffeebookandcandle@gmail.com and we will review your blog to make sure it's a good fit for us.



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Writer, book junkie, geek, and lover of all things fantastical and humorous.

Jordan is a librarian who loves literature so much, she got a BA in it. She enjoys dabbling in the dark realms of fantasy and poetry, cavorting with nature spirits, slaying monsters in RPGs, teaching her tarot cards not to sass her, and combining her love of baking and photography on Instagram.


Kori, first of her name, Mother of Cats and Keeper of Plants, is a business owner, amateur writer, book nerd, and lover of all things occult and mystical.

Kori grew up in small-town Alabama, not far from Jordan! After a few odd self-employed jobs, she began running a small, portable business with her boyfriend before they moved to Los Angeles. When she’s not setting up her booth at markets or working from home, you can find her reading in her back garden, brainstorming and writing a zillion lists, beating her boyfriend’s high scores on games, exploring the hills and local parks, and daydreaming about having magickal powers.


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