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Welcome to our cozy book nook! Coffee, Book, & Candle is hosted by two bookish witches who share a love of reading, nature, mythology & fairytales, and all things fantasy.

If you are a blogger, creator, or author interested in a guest post or interview, or for all other inquiries, reach out using the contact form below.

Meet the Witches


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Writer, bookwraith, goblin, and lover of the fantastical & phantasmal.

Armed with a BA in English and tankards of coffee, Jordan pens dark fantasy tales and poetry, some of which can be found in anthologies from Quill & Crow Publishing. When not at her day job, Jordan edits and markets for indie authors, cavorts with nature spirits, and moonlights as a Goblin Queen who enjoys tarot and baking at odd hours of the night.

Wild Forest

The way through the wood

Is dark and dangerous

The way 'cross the Veil

Is long and treacherous

Goblins may creep

Where the bean sídhes shriek

Where the wisps and the pisks

Float above the loam

J. A. Duncan




Bibliophile, small-business owner, amateur writer, lover of the occult and mystical arts.

Kori co-owns and operates a small business. When she's not making jewelry, she prefers to make magic by consulting cards and stars, writing fantasy, cooking up delicious meals, growing plant babies, and creating bookish content.

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