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Beta Reading

What would a book reviewer say about your book?

As a writer, it's probably a question you've asked yourself. Would they like it? What might readers pick out for improvement?

Fortunately, beta reading is like getting a review before your book is published—only with more detailed feedback and an editorial eye to help you fix plot holes, tighten character arcs & pacing, and overall ensure your story is having the desired impact.

With our beta reading services, you will receive 1-2 passes of in-depth comments identifying areas that need improvement, suggestions for changes, and positive notes on what's working in your story. At the end, you'll receive a letter summarizing our reading experience (your very own review!), as well as the option for us to fill out a custom beta questionnaire if you have one.


Our Beta Readers



Need a little help from a word witch?

As a self-proclaimed "idea factory," I am armed with creative thinking and a knack for finding (or making) connections within writing. If you're seeking help to perfect your plot or character relationships, or brainstorming lots of "what-ifs," you've come to the right witch!

Beta Reading page coming soon!



Ever had a goblin read your writing?

With an editorial and market-minded approach, my goal is to help upgrade your writing a step closer to final boss mode. I'm well-versed in character-driven stories and emotional arcs, so if you want your readers to feel the pain (or joy!), I'm your goblin.

Note: this will direct you to Jordan's beta reading page on her personal site

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