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Need a little editing magic?

As avid readers and book bloggers, we love a compelling story, but even the most imaginative of books need editing to help carry the reader smoothly to the end.

That's where we word witches come in.

Our careful line and copy editing services seek to polish your prose and take care of all those pesky grammatical bugs that can sneak into a manuscript. With attention to detail, open communication, and a genuine love of the craft, our goal is to create a solid author-editor collaboration that you can feel comfortable and confident in.

We'll love your story as much as you do!


Our Editors



Editing page coming soon!



My goal as an editor is to bring out your natural storytelling talents and take care of all the grammatical shenaniganry while staying true to your author voice. It's been one of my great joys and passions to work with writers and encourage their strengths while ensuring their words flow as distinctly as possible.

Every story is unique, and I want you to know what works wonderfully in your writing as I help smooth any concerns. Your tales deserve to be polished to their greatest shine and shared with the world.

Note: this will direct you to Jordan's editing page on her personal site

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