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Tarot & Astrology


What do the cards & stars say of your journey?

Spirituality comes in many forms, and ours seeks to be better in tune with our creativity and intuition. With astrology & tarot readings aimed at understanding your goals and what might be holding you back, we offer compassionate guidance into what the cards & charts are telling you.

Whether you're a writer or artist seeking a direction for your next creative endeavor, or for your personal journey, our goal is to encourage and inspire you to get to the heart of any matter and approach your life with clarity and intention.

Our Readers



My goal is to help you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself––including strengths, hidden talents, and growth opportunities––and develop strategies to navigate and take advantage of the current transits, or gently push you to face challenges and opportunities with more confidence.

Everyone has their own voice and energy. Let's work together to discover the best ways to leverage yours to produce and publish your best work.



Archetypes are a major foundation of literature, culture, and spirituality. We understand the world in symbolism and stories, and I view tarot as a way to help access subconscious parts of ourselves or gain clearer understanding of a situation.


Whether you're interested in tarot for shadow work, as a form of mental and emotional self care, or as an outlet for ideas that have always been within you, I believe it can uncover truths about yourself that will aid in reflection and creativity. Let me help you understand the archetypes in your story.

Tarot page coming soon!

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