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Dark Academia Library

Cozy autumnal vibes for dark academia reading | Classical & instrumentals | Cozy & dark | Enchanted library or gothic manor

CARNEVALE Masquerade.png

Carnevale & Masquerade Reading

Dark carnival & masquerade music | Spooky & vampiric instrumentals | Waltzing with death | Phantom of the Opera & Night Circus vibes

Romantic Reading.png

Romantic Reading

Love songs for romantic reading | Valentine's music | Romcom vibes | Cheery & lovey-dovey | Relaxing background acoustics

Spooktober Book Jams.png

Spooktober Book Jams

Spooky jams for October reading | Halloween musicals | Witchy atmosphere | Cozy & not too spooky!

Book Witch Solstice.png

Book Witch Solstice

Relaxing Solstice tunes for winter reading | Calm instrumentals | Wintry musicals | Ambient winter | Solstice music

Reading Playlists

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