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Forget Me Not Book Review

Romance, especially contemporary romance, isn't usually what I reach for. But I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone more, and when I saw the cover of Forget Me Not by Julie Soto, I was intrigued. I was still hesitant, but then Lauren of Lauren's Little Library convinced me this book would be a safe bet. I'm glad she did.

NOTE: Since this is a brand-new release, there are NO spoilers.

Forget Me Not Julie Soto Book Review Coffee Book and Candle

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Category: Candy Book

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RATING: 5/5 Stars

Plot: 5/5 stars

Characters: 5/5 stars

World: 5/5 stars

Pairings: Doughnuts + lavender latte OR lemon lavender gin spritz



Ama Torres is a passionate wedding planner who doesn't believe in weddings. Elliot Bloom is not the most approachable florist with his broody demeanor. But they work magic together. The line between business and pleasure blurs, and everything is amazing...until it isn't.

Two years later, they're hired for a high-profile wedding that could make or break their careers. Being professional is hard, especially when neither of them is over what happened between them. To make matters worse, both brides—oblivious to Ama and Elliot's history—see the tension between them and are determined to play matchmaker.

Ama and Elliot's story unfolds from a dual POV and dual timeline, weaving their past with the moment their paths cross again. I enjoyed taking in the backstory and the present in tandem, getting the tension while also wondering what caused them to go their separate ways before the story began.

This book came out at the perfect time; it was just what I needed––a fun, easy read with a good balance of plot, spice, and emotion. I got misty-eyed a few times and stayed up late two nights in a row to devour this book. If I could have dedicated a whole day to it, I would have easily finished it in one sitting. But no, adult responsibilities had to come between us.

The ending wrapped things up nicely, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to get a sequel novella in the future.


Ama is a hard-working, aspirational, passionate, (mostly) confident people person. Elliot’s kind of the opposite—a little awkward with a hint of insecurity. As someone who's a sucker for opposites-attract pairings, I was hooked.

Their romantic and sexual chemistry is great, but what really hooked me was their creative chemistry—the way they bounce ideas off one another, come together to create gorgeous designs, inspire and encourage each other, and help each other grow.

I was surprised by how much I cared for these characters. I was able to connect with Ama in ways I didn't expect, making me empathize with her career journey and really invested in the outcome. All I will say is someone she worked with made my blood boil, and the ending was so satisfying.

As for Elliot...I love a tatted character, but it’s so much better when they have meaning. I loved Elliot’s lovable asshole vibe, as well as his masculine/feminine balance. I never thought I’d be adding a non-fantasy/supernatural/paranormal/dark academia character to my book boyfriend list, but Elliot Bloom is so precious—a perfect person that I would do just about anything for.


There isn't much to say here, as Soto didn't create a new world for this story. It takes place in Sacramento, California, in our current year.

Much of the book takes place in wedding venues and Elliot's shop, adding a romantic atmosphere to their love story. I also appreciate how the symbolism and meanings of flowers played into the story.


Between school breaks, vacations, and of course wedding season, summer is often equated with romance. Forget Me Not is a steamy romance that will have readers flying through the pages, making it an excellent summer read. Julie Soto knocked it out of the park with her debut novel. From the gorgeous front cover to the very last page, it was cute as hell and extremely fun. I would highly recommend it if you like:

  • second chance romance

  • grumpy + sunshine pairings

  • workplace romance / spice

  • forced proximity

  • tattooed love interests

  • he-falls-first

  • LGBTQ+ representation

  • headstrong FMCs

  • broody men with soft centers

Thanks for tuning into another Coffee, Book, and Candle review! If you decide to pick up this book, let me know what you think! As always, you can find us on bookstagram or Twitter.

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