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Top 10 Fictional Vampires

Vampires are one of the most beloved monsters in history. We have vampire lore from multitudes of minds, all with their own original twists.

Today, we’re sinking our teeth (sorry, had to) into some of my favorite modern fictional vampires!

Book blog Coffee, Book, & Candle Top 10 Fictional Vampires


Book blog Coffee, Book, & Candle Top 10 Fictional Vampires


After being Marked by a tracker, Zoey is given a choice: reject the Change and die, or enroll at the Tulsa House of Night. While there, she develops multiple affinities—both unheard of and an obvious sign that she's special to Nyx, goddess of night.

Zoey must overcome religious radicals, mean girls, the powers of Darkness, and her own body, as not all fledglings survive the Change into an adult vampyre. She is incredibly strong, intuitive, deeply connected to her Cherokee heritage and her goddess, open to other ways/beliefs, and she just wants a steady stream of brown pop in the kitchens, dang it!

While she is the most gifted and powerful fledgling ever seen, she doesn't let this go to her head, relying on her Nerd Herd to help her. Oftentimes, she goes to them for advice before acting, and she's able to put their needs above her own. She knows the powers of mercy and forgiveness, respect for older/higher powers, and when she has messed up. Overall, Zoey is an incredible leader, friend, and simply a badass. At current, the show for this series is listed as In Production, so let's all pray to Nyx that we finally get it! I've seriously been waiting since junior high.

Book blog Coffee, Book, & Candle Top 10 Fictional Vampires


I love me some Eric, whether we're talking the book series or the show. He's that great. Despite being a 1,000+- year-old Viking badass who's superior to pretty much any other vampire (and other supes in general), Eric repeatedly saves Sookie’s life and risks his neck for her. He also has a beautiful relationship with his progeny, Pam. Eric is very aware of himself and his effect on people, especially women, often using this to his advantage. Clever, practical, and charming, he uses his skills to run an efficient business as well as climb the vampiric political ladders.

I love the personality traits and behaviors that show his age: his respect for tradition and decent authority, the way he conducts himself, his seriousness with law and business, how refined he can be, etc. He really is an all-around winner; sexy yet terrifying, brilliant, powerful, capable, and with the potential for love . . . without losing his rough edges and classic vampire traits.

Book blog Coffee, Book, & Candle Top 10 Fictional Vampires


Sparkles aside, I adored Alice Cullen’s character; she's the exception to the rule, a deserving honorable mention. Her small, spritely body, tinkling voice, and otherworldly looks seem more reminiscent of a faerie than a vampire—which makes her power, speed, and predatory abilities even more terrifying and delightful. Her gift of sight, eccentric nature, loyalty, and loving heart make it impossible for me to hate her. I would have LOVED to see an extension of her backstory, as it was the most mysterious and interesting one. I have Midnight Sun, and I look forward to seeing Alice once more, this time through the eyes of her loving "brother."

Book blog Coffee, Book, & Candle Top 10 Fictional Vampires


While traversing war-torn lands on his hunt for Ciri, Geralt and Company meet Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy, a 400+-year-old higher vampire (unbeknownst to them), who is proficient in surgery and distilling mandrake moonshine. Better known as Regis, he is a refined, humane "monster."

After life horrors drove him to the brink of madness, Regis reflects and vows to overcome his [blood] drinking habit and blend in with society, albeit in isolation. He respects other life forms, and even exposes/threatens himself in order to save others. When approached by a friend seeking an abortion brew, he is hesitant and seeks counsel from his peers. At one point, he even risks his life to save Yennefer— who we all know can be a Grade-A selfish bitch (don't hate me, I still love her too!). He is everything a moral vampire should be, without the sparkles and stalker tendencies.

Book blog Coffee, Book, & Candle Top 10 Fictional Vampires


While the plot is very reminiscent of Twilight in the first few books, Alexander is a more traditional vampire, without some of the stereotypes. Though he's a goth teen vampire who likes to paint in cemeteries, he's much less broody than his sparkly counterpart. In fact, he's quite shy, sensitive, and sappy. This is refreshing to me, as male vampires these days tend to be very similar in attitude. His relationship with Raven was a bit healthier than Bella and Edward's as well. Despite the simplistic writing and characters (this book is definitely more for kids), this is a great series for anyone wanting a cute love story that's easy to read, yet still chock-full of gothic vibes.



Confession: I haven't read the books yet. While I know her story is MUCH different in the books, I am a major fan of Caroline Forbes. I fell in love with her outstanding skills in organization and planning, massive heart, honest nature, the way she has a comment for everything—and her love of food.

Her transition from human to vampire was absolutely heartbreaking, but she handled it better than some—even when she flipped her switch *cough* Elena *cough*. If your back is against the wall, she's the person you want in your corner. Caroline is hands-down the most dependable of the crew, whether it's by not ever giving up on her loved ones or by making sure they knock it off with their bullshit. She's the epitome of the protective mom-friend.


Intelligent, confident, sensual, charming, and all-around what vampires were supposed to be: scary, malevolent, selfish. Who doesn’t love a broody bad boy these days, especially when you glimpse the soft center buried in there? Not to mention those eyes and that crooked grin! JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!

As his story unfolded, I found myself feeling sympathy for the boy who loved and lost his mother; felt the constant pain of abuse, abandonment, and not-enoughness; who only wanted to be seen and cared for, to be chosen. It's no wonder he was so angry with a father like his and all the ways his heart was broken!


As I've not finished the series yet, I can only comment on TV Pam, who—from her incredible fashion sense to her piercing eyes and venomous tongue—is a QUEEN.

I'm sure it takes a strong, sharp woman to run with Eric Northman, and that's exactly what Pam is. At times, she's just as terrifying as her Sire, which I find delightful. She can also be self-centered, spoiled, and—to be frank—a bitch. Which is all part of the appeal. But as the story progresses, we discover just how deeply she can feel; behind that fierce front is still a nurturing, loving woman.


A literal vampire Queen who writes incredible music on her bass guitar (which she made from her family's battle axe!) and will not stand for anyone eating her fries (hashtag same!).

What I love most about Marceline is that she's a goth LGBT+ member marketed towards kids. As a couple of the only "goth/emo" kids at our school, Jordan and I would've adored having her to look up to when we were younger. I can also appreciate the creators' original spin on vampirism that makes her a little less scary to kids: consuming the color red, rather than blood.

With a crappy "father" and a loving father figure, I also appreciate the way her story confronts the ideas of what makes people family. Everything about her character teaches you that it's perfectly okay to be unconventional and make your own way, which is what makes her so valuable.


Last but not least, we have my first broody vampire crush. This gentle monster is probably to blame for my obsession.

What I love about Angel is that he was "cursed" with the return of his soul, which led to him becoming the "good" vampire we all know and love. While having a soul is generally normal and "good," it proved to be a pain in the ass at times. This allowed the writers to give and take his humanity away, making him a fluid character who could be used for good or evil without truly tarnishing his reputation.

While vampires could willingly switch their humanity off and on in The Vampire Diaries (and this does cause a slew of problems for the characters), I like that Angel's case is unique and out of his control.

There ya have it, folks! How do you feel about these vampires? Who isn't listed that you think deserves a spooky shoutout? Let's chat about it in the comments!

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There was only one im not familiar with. You picked some goodies. I started out disliking Damon but grew to love him and root for him. Love the nerd herd. Even Aphrodite who you loved to hate in the beginning lol. Kind of makes me want to read that series again

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