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World Book Day + Q&A


World Book Day Q&A Coffee, Book, and Candle

Twenty-six years ago today, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established World Book and Copyright Day, or International Day of the Book, to celebrate and promote reading, publishing, and copyright.

*Fun fact: the date was chosen in part because so many renowned authors have died on this day.

Yet reading for fun is important for reducing stress, connecting with ideas and stories, and boosting creativity. If I had my way, everyone would be staying home today and reading whatever they wanted, or doing fun bookish activities.

If you've got time off and want to celebrate today (or any day for that matter; it's not like you're relegated to today only!), here are some fun ways you can celebrate:

  • Read a book simply for enjoyment. It doesn't matter the genre, subject, or target audience, or if you buy, borrow from a friend, checkout from the library, or find an eBook—as long as you're reaching for it because you genuinely WANT to explore the pages. Guilty pleasures, comics, and cover buys encouraged.

  • Book exchange. One of the best things about books is sharing them. Whether you're lending or gifting a book to someone, it feels good, especially when you get to talk about it afterwards!

  • Book club. Another great way to share books is to be in the moment with other readers, experiencing the story together. Whether you're part of a book club, looking to start one up, or seeking something to do with friends, gathering together to share a book is a great way to celebrate.

  • Donate. Unfortunately, there are many who cannot afford to purchase books, especially for leisure reading. Donating your old books to thrift stores, libraries, schools, or individuals is a great way to help others that costs nothing and makes room for new books in your house! It's a win-win! Money and new books are always great too, if you can afford it and are feeling particularly generous.

  • Dress up as your favorite character. This can be so much fun, especially in a group setting like school, a book club, or a bookish get-together.

  • Cook or bake. There's no shortage of bookish recipes between fandom cookbooks and sites like Pinterest. No matter your skill level, you're bound to find something you can successfully pull off.

  • Blind date with a book. This adorable trend has been around for a while now, so you can find blind date books on Etsy, personal websites, and even some bookstores! Otherwise you can go with a friend or group to the bookstore and pick out random books for each other!

  • Bonfire stories. Before we had the printing press, oral storytelling was tradition. Get back to our roots by building a fire, gathering around it with loved ones, and letting the magic of storytelling take you away.

  • Book party. It doesn't have to be a major event—gather your friends (virtually or physically) and have fun being dorks together. Try a couple of activities from this list or make up your own fun!

  • Check out our Q&A! In the spirit of fun and reading, we've put together a cute bookish Q&A for you below. We hope you enjoy it!


How will you celebrate today?

Kori: I'm splitting my day between watching Shadow and Bone, cracking open Unbirthday by Liz Braswell, and spending a little time with one of my WIPs.

Jordan: Coincidentally, I already planned to visit my family and binge Netflix's Shadow and Bone with celebratory Six of Crows-themed waffles! I'd call that bookish ;)

Where do you like to read? What are your ideal reading conditions?

Kori: I usually read at my desk, in bed, or at the table in my back yard, always with tea and a snack on hand. One day I will have the ultimate comfy chair!

Jordan: At home, in my bed, under a heat blanket, with a hot reading drink and snack xP

What are your favorite drink + snack combos for reading?

Kori: Depending on the weather, I'm drinking a nice milk tea or an unsweetened peppermint green tea. Snack options vary; I like anything sweet and carb-y! Jordan: Fancy coffee with whipped cream and any baked sweet, really. Muffins and scones are fantastic portable treats.

What was the last book you finished?

Kori: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Jordan: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan!

What was your last cover-buy?

Kori: I'm usually not a cover-buy person, but I am REALLY tempted to purchase The Last Apothecary, despite everyone seeming to be disappointed by it, just because the cover is so pretty and vivid. Jordan: I'm not sure I've ever bought a book without researching it first. Sooo my favorite owned book for its cover is probably Kingdom of the Wicked, and you can find that review here.

Kingdom of the Wicked fairyloot Coffee, Book, and Candle

Who is your most-owned author?

Kori: P.C. + Kristen Cast, simply because the House of Night series is massive; otherwise Sarah J. Maas.

Jordan: At this point, it's looking like Rick Riordan since I own his Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, and Trials of Apollo series. Having read them all is another matter. 👀

Do you listen to music while reading? If so, what kind?

Kori: I've always got some sort of instrumental playing, whether it's Kingdom Hearts soundtracks or Peter Gundry's compositions.

Jordan: I keep rain or coffee shop ambience on my TV, so there's sometimes soothing piano or jazz in the background—all the comfort of a coffee shop, but in my pajamas. 😌

Do you have a favorite publisher?

Kori: I've never paid much attention to publishers, to be honest. But I have been noticing lately that many books on my TBR are from Weiser!

Jordan: Not particularly. I've read great books from several different publishers, and since I've never been on the inside, I can't speak from a business standpoint. That said, everything Tor puts out is consistently great with phenomenal covers!

What do you love about the publishing industry? What do you hate?

Kori: I've never worked in publishing or known anyone who has, so I can only really say that I am appreciative of the industry itself and the creations that come out of it. One thing I hate about it is the way it treats fanartists— rather than work with those who create some of the best bookish items, they shut them down.

Jordan: I like that publishing has become an art form with gorgeous covers, book art, and merch geared toward a bookish lifestyle. However, I'm not a fan of the gatekeeping so much of the industry operates on. No one is allowed to deviate from the status quo in terms of genre constraints, so the industry shills out similar plot after similar plot, which pushes aside so many wonderful unconventional stories and subgenres (give us an NA genre already!).

What bookish character(s) does your blog partner remind you of?

Kori: I think Jordan is a good mix of Luna Lovegood and Haven Turner for being the intelligent, fairy-like goth at school . . . just please don't go Dark Side when you come into your powers!

Jordan: Kori could totally be Jane Bennett or Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Supportive, insightful, caring to everyone around her, and a little witchy!

Enjoy this post? Don't let the bookish fun stop here. Answer the questions down in the comments section below, and/or join our conversations on bookstagram and Twitter!

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