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Bookish OTP Fangirl Moments [Part Two]

Welcome back to another fangirling session!

If you haven’t already, check out Jordan’s post with her top bookish fangirl moments!

Now that you're caught up, here are my (current) top five romantic fangirl moments; any more than that and we'd be here all month!

Bookish OTP Fangirl Moments Coffee, Book, and Candle

BOOK: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

“WHERE’S MY WIFE?!” – Rowan Whitethorn

During a confrontation with Maeve’s forces at the end of the book, Aelin allows herself to be taken hostage in order to save someone close to her and let her allies make a run for it, to live to fight another day. Rowan, Aelin’s mate, is unaware of what's happened until he makes his way onto land and sees the aftermath. In his frantic search for Aelin and rising fury, he screams this question, which is the first time readers are told these two have officially tied the knot, in secret.

BOOK: The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

[B&N Special Edition]

Cardan’s Letters

Jude discovers in book three that while she has been banished from Elfhame, Cardan has been sending her letters. However, thanks to Cardan’s mother, Lady Asha, burning them, Jude never got to read them. Thankfully these letters were included in the Barnes & Noble edition of the book, and boy am I glad they were! They’re quite possibly my favorite part of the book!

The first is informal, merely letting Jude know that all is well and she can come home. However, with Jude unaware and not responding, and Cardan unaware his own mother is intercepting and destroying letters, he becomes more frantic and romantic with each message.

My favorite parts:

“I urge you: Come be angry at a nearer distance.”
“Come home and shout at me. Come home and fight with me. Come home and break my heart, if you must.
Just come home.”

This throwback to book one and where it all began for them threw me into a squealing fit!

BOOK: A Court of Thorns and Roses / Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

“There you are.” – Rhysand / Rowan

No matter which series I am reading, this quote brings out my most primal level of fangirl. It’s not a very pretty phrase, but in both series it’s said by the male when he first sees his Mate—Rhysand upon first laying eyes on Feyre, Rowan when Aelin finally shifts into her Fey form and he is seeing AELIN for the first time.

BOOK: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

SCENE: “I’m going to get my money, and I’m going to get my girl.”

Kaz finally coming to his senses and acknowledging the depth of his feelings for Inej, and vowing to save her, is one of those delightfully dark moments. Knowing the unholy fury and swift justice heading Van Eck’s way had me looking like Mr. Burns.

BOOK: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

SCENE: The Princess and Her Guard

This short story follows Winter and Jacin during some of their most important moments during childhood—namely Winter learning the consequences of using her Lunar gift of manipulation on others. After "saving" a woman who was going to commit suicide, Winter goes out of her way to dose the woman's mind with happiness, contentment, etc. over the next several years.

While she thinks this is helping, it isn't until the woman is able to take her life and leaves a note explaining why that Winter realizes even if she was trying to help, there are lines when it comes to another's choice and free will. After this, Winter is determined to never use her powers again, no matter how seemingly helpful it can be.

"All her concerns vanished as she scrambled onto the bed and buried her face in his chest. She was an idiot to think that getting older changed anything. This was, and would always be, the only place she belonged."

Jacin, whose true passion lies in the medical field, warns that suppressing her talents could cause her to slowly lose her mind, falling prey to hallucinations, nightmares, etc. Winter declares she has made her decision and will accept the consequences; Jacin does what he always does—remains loyal to his princess, no matter what.

Usually Jacin was there, as he’d been all her life. He would make light of it and force her to laugh about the absurdity of whatever trick her mind was playing. He would talk her through each episode with his steady rationality, leaving no room for her to doubt his words. He would hold her and let her cry, and it was during one of these embraces when Winter realized with all the force and clarity of a solar flare—
She was in love with him. She had always, always been in love with him.

Enjoy this gush fest? Got a scene you think should be listed? Let us know in the comments below!

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