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Cozy Comforts to Help Romanticize Your Life

Greetings, witches! If you receive our newsletter, you probably know this month's theme is Romantasy. But romance isn't always about other people. Sometimes we need to romanticize our lives, add an extra layer of beauty, intention, and coziness to the everyday moments.

So we've compiled a list of our favorite cozy things to help us slow down, enjoy life's simple pleasures, get inspired, and feel like the main characters in our own stories.

Note: click the titles below for links to reviews, recipes, and more!

Cozy Comforts to Help Romanticize Your Life


This is a book blog, so of course reading is one of our favorite simple pleasures to slow down with! Here are a few of our favorites:

In these stories, Viv trades in an action-packed life to slow down...whether she wants to or not. Here you'll find cozy stories about following your passion and the beauty in the little things. What's more romantic than that?

Sorcery of Thorns / Mysteries of Thorn Manor by Margaret Rogerson

These are hands-down some of our favorite comfort reads. They've got magical libraries, manor houses, adventure, demons and sorcerers, and an adorable romance—everything you could want out of a cozy read!

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

This darkly whimsical series about a quirky girl from a psychic family and the group of prep school boys she befriends is a heartfelt exploration of each character as they embark on a quest to discover the secrets of a legendary Welsh king. If you're looking for dark academia and cozy adventure vibes, this one's got you covered.

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Fans of the Studio Ghibli film based on this book will be happy to know it's just as adorable and romantic! The movie sticks fairly close to the book in tone and content, but there are several subplots that didn't make it into the movie, including Sophie's arc as a witch, her complex relationship with her family, and Howl's complete backstory. It's one of Jordan's favorite comfort books!

The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

One of Jordan's favorite books growing up and a comfort read today, this fantasy about a shunned royal daughter who decides to make her own destiny as a dragon slayer is a cozy (though slightly tragic) tale that sticks to the theme of becoming your own person, no matter what society dictates.


Sometimes we want to relax with a good story, but we're not quite in the mood for a book or we're in a reading slump. Either way, TV is the next best thing.

"Cozy" and "fairytales" go hand-in-hand, and nothing checks those boxes quite like Once Upon a Time. On her 28th birthday, Emma gets dragged to Storybrooke, where fairytale characters are stuck in a modern setting with no memory of who they truly are. Here you'll find amazing character arcs, messages on hope and self-discovery, cute romances and OTP material, and plenty of fun character interactions.

We adore this show, and Jordan won't shut up about it if you get her started (yes, I'm calling myself out). More magic and adventure meets comedy, romance, and a surprisingly complex plot that fans of Percy Jackson and How to Train Your Dragon will love.

Speaking of HTTYD, Dreamworks created three (count 'em, three) series set between the first and second How to Train Your Dragon movies, and they fill in all the time jump gaps: Hiccup's complete coming-of-age arc from awkward teen into a young adult leader, the full romance arc between Hiccup and Astrid, and his friends' journey from bumbling chaos crew to an almost crack team of dragon riders.

Sometimes you need a good laugh, and that's where What We Do In The Shadows comes in. This mockumentary about old world vampires in modern Staten Island getting into countless shenanigans and being bailed out by their human familiar is sure to crack you up. Plus Kori is a geek over Lazlo's love for Nadja.

For more shows we love, check out:


So you want to watch something, but an episodic format is too much; you want the whole story NOW. In that case, you might want to try...

Studio Ghibli films are visually stunning works with beautiful messages that perfectly encapsulate "romanticization." Between a magical moving house with a sarcastic fire demon, its mysterious and dreamy wizard owner, and the no-nonsense cursed woman who becomes part of their family, this feel-good movie is sure to get you in a cozy mood (and is one of Jordan's favorite comfort romances!).

You probably saw this one coming, right? With this masterpiece releasing during our childhood, is it any wonder we grew to love villains? It's certainly a cornerstone of Jordan's fae and goblin aesthetic.

While Disney largely sparked the fairytale addiction, this movie showed that you don't always have to be sweet and delicate. Seeing this Cinderella archetype not take any BS, fight villains, and play the long game was so satisfying and empowering. This classic will always be one of our favorites!

The Addams Family + Addams Family Values

Nothing like some wholesome goth vibes to make you want to lounge in elegant clothing and find beauty in the darkness! And honestly, Gomez and Morticia are an iconic romantic couple.


There's no denying the power of comfort characters. Either they feel like an old friend you want to visit, or you see yourself represented in media and it makes you feel empowered. Or perhaps there's a special character that inspires you to become more like them. A few of ours are...


Throne of Glass is full of strong female protagonists with deadly powers. Then there's Elide, who proves you don't have to have magic or be combat-trained to be a badass. She doesn't let this—or her mangled foot—hold her back. Her sharp mind and observation skills are her own superpower.

Though introduced later in the game series, Aqua quickly became one of Kori's favorite characters ever. Much like the game's main protagonist Sora, Aqua's journey begins with a quest to save her best friends. Little did she know, she'd save so many more people. Her story made Kori SOB.


I don't see a lot of INTJ characters in fiction, so watching a grumpy, asocial Darcy flounder through human emotions and interactions (and, like many bookish folks, relating to Elizabeth's love of reading, nature, and her snarky wit), made me feel right at home in a romance I could relate to. Sure, there's plenty of romanticism with the fancy estates and balls, but that just makes the story cozier. know, I'm seeing a trend. Topping even the classic literature duo, one of my all-time favorite comfort movies and pairings is Anya and Dimitri from Anastasia. Their snarky banter even after they're together and the amount of sass and cuteness between the two will forever be my happy place.


Want something a little more active? Then cozy games or epic RPG's could be what you need!

In this crafting game, you play a forest-dwelling hag who's somehow gotten herself into a deal with an obviously demonic goat. In order to unravel the mystery and pay your debts, you must gather supplies, help the locals, and collect the souls of evildoers. With dark fairytale vibes, vibrant colors, and hysterical dialogue, Wytchwood is perfectly cozy.

One of Jordan & Kori's favorite video game series features Disney characters and worlds, incredible friendships, awesome character arcs, and fun mini games. The pairing of original storytelling with childhood nostalgia provides several games and hundreds of hours of gameplay.

One of Jordan's go-to cozy game franchises is Fire Emblem, a series of anime-style games for Nintendo that feature character-driven RP elements, story-heavy fantasy plots, and strategy gaming with gorgeous artwork and (as the graphics progress) cinematics. A couple of Jordan's personal favorites are Awakening and Three Houses, which are later installments that fantasy-lovers will feel right at home with.

If you're a fan of open world gaming, Breath of the Wild is cozy without skimping on world building and challenge. Roam a variety of environments, fight cute monsters, gather ingredients to play with and discover recipes, search for treasure, solve puzzles, or tackle difficult bosses. No matter what mood you're in, this game has something for you.

If you missed out on the craze over this cozy village game, we can assure you Animal Crossing is indeed fun! If you're looking for an adorable, low-energy game to relax with, you can build and decorate your own island, collect items for mini quests, and interact with your villagers as a comforting way to wind down after a long day.

Jordan's only recently begun to explore the Pokémon franchise, but building up your team of Pokémon as you travel the world, completing challenges and strategy battling your way to the top, has been super relaxing and fun.


It's called "comfort food" for a reason, and there's something magical about making something delicious for yourself—especially when you stir in secret ingredients or intentions.

This has been one of Kori's top comfort meals since childhood. Sure, she usually heats a can of soup with a basic grilled cheese. But here's a nice recipe for you. *wink*

If you don't want to make a grilled cheese, she also recommends putting your favorite cheesy chips or crackers in the soup. Her personal favorite is Hot & Spicy Cheez-its.

This classic cookie is very special to Kori, and any play on it is an instant hit. Click above for a delicious Crumbl snickerdoodle cupcake cookie copycat recipe!

Since Jordan has a sweet tooth and puts fruit or peanut butter on absolutely anything (truly, it's becoming a problem), combining the two in a tortilla and quick-frying it so it's all golden and melty is one of her go-to brunch or dessert foods.

Throw in some chocolate chips and whipped cream if you're feeling extra naughty.

These are so easy, it should be a sin. Mug cakes can take as little as 3-4 ingredients that most people keep on hand, 5-10 minutes to make, and can be any flavor or combination of toppings under the sun. Plus it's single-serve and easy cleanup!


Romanticizing life is all about enjoying the little things. Here are some of our favorite material items for maximum comfort:

When Kori's friend gifted her a blanket hoodie for the holidays, it changed her life. No more fighting to keep blankets comfortably placed or wrapped around her while moving about her hut!

Meanwhile, Jordan can't survive without a heat blanket. She's got one on her bed to sleep or read under, then a lap one for when she's writing or blogging at her laptop. If you're always cold and/or like to be snug and toasty when relaxing, she highly recommends one of these.

A cold cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa will ruin a cozy moment. And we deserve better than that!

These can get pricey, so we recommend waiting until they go on sale or suckering someone into buying them for a holiday (asking nicely). Jordan received these as a gift one year, and they've been amazing for making a quick cup of tea or a canister of seriously smooth coffee. It's so smooth, she can even drink it cold, and she hates when hot coffee goes cold...hates it.

Flowers / Plants

Flowers and plants are a nice way to add beauty to your surroundings, and life is too short to wait for someone else to buy them for you!

Thanks for cozying up with our latest blog post! If you're not already, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on bookstagram or Twitter to make sure you never miss a post.

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Jul 04

I feel like people used to rave on the Raven boys about 10 years ago or so, and not so much anymore. I've always wanted to read it, but have completely forgotten about it. Great recommendations, I love so many of the shows you recommended :) xx

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