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Bookish This or That

From genre to format, everyone has their preference when it comes to reading. Inspired by the various "This or That" videos cropping up on bookstagram, we thought it would be fun to discuss a few of our preferences with you all!

Bookish This or That Coffee, Book, and Candle book blog

Graphic courtesy of @olive_reviews on Twitter


Jordan: Fiction, fiction, fiction. While I love nonfiction when it comes to teaching myself new things or learning about other cultures and lore, I have to be in an actively learning mindset to process it. Fiction is my happy place when I need to get away from reality.

Kori: Fiction! In order to for me to stay awake while reading nonfiction, it has to be on a topic I am really interested in and delivered in a way that’s fun, digestible, etc.


Jordan: Hardcover, always. I don't mind paperback, but I am building a glorious bookshelf collection (er, it will be) and not only are hardcovers aesthetically pleasing, but they last longer and don't crease as badly.

Kori: Generally, I prefer paperback—they’re smaller, lighter, and I can fit more on a shelf. However, I geek out over pretty hardcovers of my favorite series—especially if they are special edition! The major downside is that I always want to be extra careful with these books so as not to damage them, and then get heartbroken when everyday wear and tear start to show.


Jordan: I much prefer a physical copy, though I'm not opposed to e-versions. I get that some books are only available as e-books, and if it's good, I'll read it regardless. However, you can't put e-books on your bookshelf. Or smell them. Or physically turn the pages and hear that satisfying slide.

Kori: Physical copies. Though I will say that I can appreciate e-readers for their mobility, capacity, and minimalism since I travel for work frequently.


Jordan: Erm, that's a toughie, because I honestly like elements of both. I'm a sucker for the gothic drama of Jane Eyre, the Victorian elements in steampunk, the medieval settings of fantasy books. At the same time, I find it easier to relate to modern characters. I get sucked into their world faster because it's my world too. I also cycle through phases of preferring one to the other, sooo . . . both?

Kori: Historical. I like glimpsing into times I cannot experience myself. I am generally not a fan of history, except for stories. I like that they give me something to link to a time period, providing an interest to help me learn more about the world.


Jordan: I say one at a time, though I often end up with multiple reads. I can only truly focus and immerse myself in one world at a time, even if I'm reading something informational or light on the side. So one fiction book at a time with maybe a nonfiction book as a buffer?

Kori: One at a time, at least per genre. I can read a novel, a nonfiction book, and maybe even a book of short stories, fairytales, or poems at the same time.


Jordan: Now that we have a book blog, it's actually both. I'm a mood reader when reading for pleasure, but I have a planned TBR of books to read for reviews or as a beta.

Kori: Mood reader. I like to attempt to plan a TBR, but if I end up not feeling it, it inevitably gets pushed off to the side. However, I do make reading goals at the beginning of each year, like how many books to read, what genres/authors to branch into, what classics to read, etc.


Jordan: If I'm invested, I'm a very fast reader. I'll finish a book in less than a day given the proper amount of free time. If it's something I'm reading for information or I'm not that interested, it'll take me longer as I jot notes or slog through it. I'm trying to get better about DNFing books I don't have to finish.

Kori: I can read fairly fast when I sit down, but because I have a lot of hobbies and can be a scatterbrain, sometimes it might take me a while to finish a bigger (or less interesting) book.

BONUS: How do you feel about mini books?

Jordan: I only recently discovered these, but they look adorable. I don't think I'd buy any, though. My eyesight is bad enough, and I'd be paranoid I'd lose or damage the teeny books. Plus, I don't have enough money for all the full-sized books I want. Even so, the woman-child in my brain lets out a delighted squeal when she sees tiny things.

Kori: I do not have any (yet) but I think they are adorable and could definitely see myself preferring them. They are so stinking cute, and perfect for travel and cute small purses (which can seriously be a pain sometimes!). I definitely plan on getting the mini Throne of Glass set!

What are some of your reading preferences? Let us know in the comments below!

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