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Christmas Gift Ideas For Bookworms

Happy Monday! We know, no one wants so much cheer on a Monday.

But what if we grant thee a Christmas gift guide for that special bookworm in your life? Or *cough, cough* give your book-loving self a few more gift ideas for your own list.

Christmas gift ideas for bookworms

Fancy Coffees/Teas

Us bookworms are all about our caffeinated beverages. There's nothing better than curling up with a hot cup of fancy, flavored coffee or tea as we breeze through the pages. Most bookworms are also willing to try new flavors if it means we can experiment with more book-and-drink pairings.

Give your favorite bookworm (yes, that can be you) the gift of coffee or tea from an online brand like Bones Coffee Company, Kitchen Witch Gourmet, or TeaSource for a quirky, meaningful book pairing.

If you want to go more in-depth, you can even search bookstagram accounts for suggestions and codes to coffee and tea brands specifically geared toward bookworms.

Not sure if they'll like what you buy? No problem! Just purchase one or two sample bags as a test-run from multiple companies.

Book Crate Subscription

While this one is a little harder to plan for, it's not impossible (and, hey, there's always birthdays, right?).

Book crates are loot boxes for bookworms. They include the type of stuff this very guide is about: coffees and teas, mugs and socks, book-inspired art and collectibles, candles, and so forth. All of this in addition to a highly-anticipated new book release in whatever genre the crate is dedicated to.

And, yes, we know there's some crappy loot boxes out there, so we'll only suggest crates that have the utmost support from the book community:

Fairyloot: A YA fantasy box that Jordan's subscribed to. The items are worth way more than the price of the box, and she's thrilled with every one. They're quality, custom-made pieces that are gorgeous and useful whether you've read the books they're based on or not.

Fae Crate: Similar to Fairyloot, this YA fantasy/sci-fi-themed box is lauded by the book community.

Don't be afraid to search out other genres of book crates, as these are by no means the only ones worth mentioning. If you're unsure what type of crate your bookworm would prefer, just ask!

Fandom Mugs

We know what you're thinking: they have enough mugs, right?

Never! Not only are they necessary for holding those tasty reading concoctions, but they make for wonderful décor on bookshelves. If your bookworm has plenty of mugs from their TV fandoms, go that extra mile and grab some from their book fandoms (psst, try searching #bookishmugs or #bookmugs on Instagram).

Fandom Hoodies, Shirts, Sweaters, & Socks

The mug logic applies here too. Do you know how awesome it is to own clothing with book-inspired designs and quotes that only another fan of that book would get? Talk about an instant convo-starter.

Bookish Candles & Wax Melts

All bookworms like candles. It's a rule of the universe. While we're more than happy with a $5 scented candle from your nearest supermarket, it's a bookworm's secret dream to own fancy candles inspired by our favorite books or catering to our specific style.

This is where candle companies like Wick and Fable and Frostbeard Studio come in.

Themed Sticky Tabs

Whether your bookworm's a reviewer or just likes to keep up with their favorite scenes and quotes, quirky sticky tabs are one of those things we always mean to get but never do.

Neat Lamps

Sometimes your bookworm wants to burn the midnight oil, but having the room's main light on is disruptive for others or just too much. A cool lamp is something they may not consider for themselves but are sure to appreciate. There are clip-on book lamps, transparent "pages" to lay over your book that light up the writing, and others that look like the moon or create constellations on the walls.

Either way, mood lighting always makes the reading experience better!


Who could ever get tired of looking at their favorite characters, ships, and scenes rendered by an artist? Plus, artists these days are expanding beyond prints to make bookmarks, stickers, postcards, and more!

No matter what fandoms your bookworm loves, you're sure to find fanart on sites like Etsy and Redbubble, or by using fanart hashtags on Instagram. Go a step further and commission an artist for an original piece. Not only will your booklover have something from their fandom, but they'll be the only one with it.

Bookish Hygiene Products

The only thing better than having a candle that smells like your favorite characters and fictional worlds is to smell like them yourself. There are numerous sellers on Etsy, as well as bookish indie shops, that create fandom-themed lip balms, bath bombs, and more.

Enamel Pins

Another form of fanart, bookish pins have become all the rage. Booklovers can wear their favorite sassy, inspirational, or funny quotes, or simply collect these adorable pieces for display. Either way, they'll totally geek out over a fandom pin. You can find popular ones from stores like Dust and Pages and Icey Designs.

Did these gift recommendations help? Let us know in the comments what you plan on getting your bookworm (or you) for Christmas ;)

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