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Favorite Celtic Characters

We're continuing this month's Celtic theme by discussing a few of our favorite Irish and Scottish characters from books and TV! While we adore the Celtic-inspired characters in some of the usual hits like Sarah J. Maas's books, this week we're focusing on characters we don't show as much love to.

Favorite Celtic Characters Coffee, Book, and Candle

Ahh, the tall, brooding vampire who helped start our obsession. Born as Liam in 18th-century Ireland, he adopted the pseudonym of Angelus, or Angel, upon losing his human life and beginning existence as a vampire. Angel was exceptionally evil, committing horrendous acts until he was burdened with the restoration of his human soul and thus a conscience.

With his humanity restored, Angel felt deep remorse for his crimes and entered into a period of self-imposed isolation. During this time, he traveled—something he'd dreamed of doing as a human. A cycle of attempted integration with humans and isolation began, until he finally meets and falls for Buffy the Slayer.

Obsessed with the ideas of destiny and redemption, Angel constantly tries to help others to prove himself and atone for past crimes. Though he starts out in the series as reclusive, stoic, and a bit socially awkward, Angel has a sensitive and empathetic core and eventually allows himself to grow close to his companions. He's protective of his loved ones, to the point of martyring himself on multiple occasions.

Tortured soul with good intentions aside, Angel is intelligent, a talented sketch artist with a love of theater, and is interested in mysteries, which leads him to investigative work in the spinoff series Angel.

Though he can be melodramatic, prideful, and at times immature, Angel's big heart, struggle for redemption, and endearing awkwardness make him a fan favorite.

Whether you're a fan of Cecilia Ahern's novel or its film adaptation (which are quite different), there's no denying Gerry is a romantic charmer. After receiving a life-threatening diagnosis from doctors, Gerry creates an elaborate plan to have love letters delivered to his wife Holly at intervals after his death. These notes remind Holly of Gerry's love and push her to find new life in her dark days as a widower.

If the Irish accent, good looks, and gift of charm aren't enough to make you swoon, Gerry is also musically inclined, witty, and (obviously) deeply romantic.

After caving and jumping on the Outlander bandwagon, Kori has developed a mild obsession with the main characters, namely the "hot Scot" Jamie Fraser.

Thanks to struggles with the red coats, Jamie is an outlaw who can't go home. He enters a marriage-of-convenience with Claire Beecham, an English woman who, unbeknownst to him, has been thrust back in time from the 1940s. Jamie proves to be incredibly courageous, good-humored, honorable, loyal, self-deprecating, and in possession of a heart of gold. It doesn't hurt that he's also handsome and looks damn good in a kilt.

Though their role in the House of Night series is short-lived, Queen Sgiach and Seoras of Clan MacUallis are introduced when the main characters travel to the Isle of Skye. Sgiach is a vampyre High Priestess and warrior queen, while Seoras is her Oath-Sworn Warrior and Mate.

Together, they trained the Sons of Erebus warriors until they were relieved of this job by the vampyre High Council. After this incident, Sgiach uses her affinity for Old Magick to erect a protective circle around her isle that cannot be penetrated without her permission.

In both Disney's animated film and Once Upon A Time's live-action retelling, Merida is certainly brave, if a bit reckless and stubborn. The eldest child and only daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor has fiery hair to match her temper, a smart mouth, an adventurous spirit, and is quite skilled at archery. This independent lass needs no man—nor does she want one—to save her; she is the hero of her own story, the maker of her own fate.

Stone by day, warriors by night, Goliath and his Clan are defenders sworn to protect the human world. Hailing from 994 A.D. Scotland, the gargoyles are trapped in stone for centuries after they're betrayed by the very humans they guarded at Castle Wyvern.

When the curse is broken and the gargoyles awaken from their thousand-year slumber, they find their castle has been transported to 1990s Manhattan, where new threats await. Goliath, though understandably slow to trust again, cannot help but see the good in humans and still feels honor-bound to protect them. Under his command, his remaining Clan vows to look after the city of Manhattan alongside their newfound human friend, street-savvy and no-nonsense N.Y.P.D. detective Elisa Maza.

Which of these characters do you like best? If you’ve got a character rec, drop their name in the comments, or join the conversation on bookstagram or Twitter!

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