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Most Anticipated Grishaverse Moments

Good afternoon, lovelies! Great things are on the horizon for book lovers, and there's one in particular we're ecstatic about: Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix! That's right, Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse is hitting home theaters with a series that will encompass the events and characters of the Grisha Trilogy, as well as the Six of Crows duology.

In anticipation of this, we thought we'd dive into the literary moments we're most excited to see brought to life.

Jordan: Confession time: I DNFed this series after book one. I just couldn't get on board with the main characters or how rough and overly-descriptive the first book was. That's not to say I'll never go back and try again, but I'm going to let Kori take over this section. (I will say I'm excited to see what the palace and all the Grisha robes look like!).

Kori: I wasn't a big fan of Alina—or Mal, for that matter. I came to appreciate many of the characters she came in contact with. Genya, with her snark, character arc, and relationship with David; Nikolai, because who doesn't love a handsome, intelligent rogue; and the darkness and curiosity surrounding The Darkling and Baghra made me fall in love with this world.

Visually, I'm excited to see The Darkling, the stag, the palace, the Fabrikators' workshops, and what the magic looks like on-screen.

We both adore Six of Crows, so we'll have a lot to say about this section!


  • The first utterance of "no mourners, no funerals" is probably going to unlock some primal level of fangirl that will require squealing and dancing in place.

  • Nina's introduction, where she's just lounging about in her robe and shoving cakes in her mouth.

"What do you want, Kaz?"
"You have crumbs on your cleavage."
"Don't care," she said, taking another bite of cake. "So hungry."

  • Wylan's adorably poor attempts at being a demolitions expert and criminal.

Kaz leaned back in his chair . . . "Why do you think I keep you around?"
"I'm good at demo."
"You're passable at demo. You're excellent at hostage."

  • Pretty much every scene with Kaz and Inej. I would love to see all their little nuances played out on screen <3

  • The entire heist scene from the first book. No spoilers, but I cannot wait to see that Oceans 11 shit play out!

  • Both of Inej's fights with Dunyasha. A high-wire fight with acrobatics and daggers? Can you imagine the cinematics?

  • Nina's badass new powers. Talk about a darkly epic scene!

  • The awkwardly hilarious love-dance that is Jesper, Wylan, and Kuwei.

Wylan finding Kuwei's fanfic sketches of Jesper


While I will definitely be fangirling at every single one of those moments, I am also looking forward to . . .

  • Hearing Kaz say "brick by brick." And watching as every single one of those bricks are laid.

  • As a curvy, green-eyed brunette who also keeps secret sugar snack stashes . . . I am DYING to see my girl Nina on-screen! Especially her new powers and taunting of a certain Drüskelle.

  • Kaz losing his shit on the boat when Inej is dying. And at the end of Six of Crows. And, like, every other Kazej moment.

  • Wylan's growth, especially the way Kaz takes him under his wing.

  • Inej's steamy climb.

  • Visually, I'm looking forward to seeing Kaz's cane, the tattoo, and Jesper's clothes and pistols. Also the prison break and heist!

Have you guys read the Grisha books? What moments do you most look forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments!

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