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Jordan's Readings

About Me


Archetypes are a major foundation of literature, myths, and spirituality. We understand the world in symbolism and stories, so I view tarot as a tool to help access subconscious parts of ourselves or gain clearer understanding of a situation. Whether you're interested in tarot for shadow work, as a form of mental and emotional self care, or as an outlet for ideas that have always been within you, these are goals I aim to accomplish with my readings.

Tarot cannot predict your journey, but I believe it can uncover truths about yourself that will aid in reflection and creativity. Let me help you understand the archetypes in your story.

Reading Policy


All clients must submit a request via email. Upon approval of the request, I will schedule a day so the client knows when to expect their reading, and send a PayPal or Venmo request to the client's email. Each client will receive a typed, in-depth interpretation accompanied by photos of their cards.


If payment has not been submitted by the scheduled date of the reading, the client will have the option to reschedule or cancel their request. No reading will occur until payment has been processed. Submitting payment last-minute will result in additional wait period, as I do not block off work hours for unpaid readings. The new date or time of your reading will be communicated to you.

Readings will include a photograph of the cards being read, a typed interpretation, and an option to continue the conversation with questions. If you respond to the email within 48 hours of the reading, I will promptly provide as much clarification as possible. Once this window has closed, the reading is considered complete.


Refunds are not available except in the case of any unforeseen circumstance that prevents me from doing the reading. If you do not see your reading in your inbox, please reach out below so I can ensure it reaches you.


Please read the Code of Ethics before requesting a reading. By requesting a reading, you agree you have read and acknowledged the conditions and are at least 18 years of age. I reserve the right to decline any reading that violates this code.

Tarot Readings


Single Card General Reading

Two Card General Reading

Three Act General Reading

Unique Path Spread

Archetype Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

Hero's Journey Spread (Half)

Hero's Journey Spread (Full)


One card drawn; a message about the client’s query - at least 2 paragraphs of in-depth interpretation.

Two cards drawn; a message about the clients query + an underlying note

Based on the Three Act Structure; good for general read of current situation, problem, or creative roadblock

Four cards drawn; a message about your current path + guidance for the way

Custom spread based on Archetype Theory that explores what archetype(s) are currently important in your life or creative project; choose from the 12 archetypes to ask about or let the cards decide

A 6-card spread informed by archetype theory and The Hero's Journey, perfect for exploring creative inspirations or roadblocks, or for understanding important archetypes in your life.

A 12-card spread informed by archetype theory and The Hero's Journey, perfect for exploring creative inspirations or roadblocks, or for understanding important archetypes in your life.






$5 per card

$5 - $60




Choose a deck from the selection below and submit a reading request for the type of reading and deck you would like to use.

Tarot Decks


*Click any deck name for more details

Cards based on the iconic 1980s Jim Henson film

A fairytale-inspired deck featuring gothic illustrations; a great choice for exploring a client’s inner world / shadow

A whimsical, pastel deck that weaves different styles of fantasy artwork

Darkly mystical with a blend of fantasy and gothic themes that resemble a dream

Features artwork of Disney’s animated villains

Features artwork inspired by the iconic animated film

Ethereal cottagecore / faecore tarot featuring all manner of fungi

NOTE: Oracle cards are only available for General Readings, as they are not archetype cards like tarot

Oracle cards based on the phases of the moon and the Zodiac

Faerie oracle cards based on Brian Froud's art

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