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When I was gifted my first tarot deck in 2018, I was not expecting it to change my life. But the cards became both friend and guide. I discovered that while the cards tell a story, they can also help you tell your own. Tarot has become an irreplaceable tool for guidance, planning, grounding, and creativity for me, and I hope it can be the same for you.

My fascination with astrology began in early 2020 and has become a part of my daily life. Studying my birth chart gave me invaluable insight about myself, and using the current transits to plan my schedule has been incredibly helpful. Now I want to use my knowledge and intuition to help others do the same.




Astrology Reading

As an astrologer, my goal is to help you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself––including strengths, hidden talents, and growth opportunities––and develop strategies to help you navigate and take advantage of the current transits.

Everyone has their own talents, voice, and energy. Let's work together to discover the best ways to leverage yours to produce and publish your best work.


Tarot Reading

Tarot is a tool for reflection, healing, and growth. It can comfort, challenge, and guide you. My goal as a tarot reader is to use the cards to inspire, encourage, focus, or gently push you so you can face challenges and opportunities with more confidence.

Are you stuck in a plot hole? Feeling uninspired? Fighting writer's block or perfectionism? Whatever your writer's woes, the cards can help clarify the full picture, illuminate things hiding in the shadows, or give you direction so you can keep crushing your writing goals.


All clients must submit a request via email. Upon approval of the request, payment will be accepted via Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, or a Square invoice sent to the client’s email address. Once the client has submitted payment, they will receive their reading via email within 72 hours. This gives me time to create a time and space to focus solely on the client and reading, take notes and process what I am intuiting, type an interpretation, and take any photos to accompany the reading. Readings will include a photograph of the chart and/or cards being read, as well as a typed interpretation. If clients would like to continue the conversation with questions, they are welcome to respond to the email, and I will do my best to promptly provide any additional information I can.


All sales are final. I do not offer a refund once the reading has occurred.


Please read the Code of Ethics before requesting a reading. By requesting a reading, you agree you have read and acknowledged the conditions and are at least 18 years of age. I reserve the right to decline any reading that violates this code.

Astrology Readings


Natal Chart Mini Reading

Hot Takes

Major Planets / Luminaries

Natal Chart Basics

Natal Chart Basics + Asteroids

Natal Chart Basics + Asteroids + Aspects

Natal Chart Deep Dive

Monthly Future-cast

Quarterly Future-cast


The Big Three - Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign*


*If the time of birth is unknown, I will look at one other point of the client’s choosing.

Ask me anything and I’ll tell you what stands out in your chart + how the current transits are impacting you.

A look at your Big Three + Mercury + Saturn

Planetary placements + House rulerships

Planets, Houses, and asteroids

Plants, Houses, Asteroids, and how your placements are interacting

Planets, Houses, major aspects, asteroids, chart patterns

Comparing your natal chart with upcoming transits, I’ll tell you how to set yourself up for success in the coming weeks

3-month gameplan to work with the energies and crush your goals











Tarot Readings


Single Card General Reading

Two Card General Reading

Three Card General Reading

Your Unique Path Spread

The Five Elements Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

Solar Return (Mini)

[Great for birthdays / anniversaries]

Solar Return (Full)


[Great for birthdays / anniversaries]


One card drawn; a message about the client’s query

Two cards drawn; a message about the clients query + an underlying note

Three cards drawn; past/present/future

Four cards drawn; a message about your current path + guidance for the way

Five cards drawn; checking in with your body, mind, heart, power, and spirit

A shortened version of the traditional year ahead spread. Five cards total; one for each quarter of the coming year, plus one overall theme card.

A full birthday / year ahead spread. Thirteen cards total; one for each of the coming months, plus one overall theme.










Choose a deck from the selection below and submit a reading request for the type of reading and deck you would like to use.

Tarot Decks


*Click any deck name for more details.

This deck features animals and nature elements rather than humans, with pen illustrations and brilliant bursts of color. Fun fact: this was Kori’s first deck!

A modern take on the traditional Smith-Rider-Waite deck, featuring diverse feminine figures on each card.

A recreation of the traditional Smith-Rider-Waite deck that incorporates mythology from across the world into its colorful illustrations.

A sweet deck inspired by the Smith-Rider-Waite deck that features children and pastel colors. A great choice for tarot newbies who may be intimidated or prefer a more gentle deck.

A Celtic-inspired deck based on the Smith-Rider-Waite deck and informed by Celtic mythology.

A Smith-Rider-Waite inspired deck featuring gothic illustrations. A great choice for exploring a client’s inner world / shadow side.

Features artwork inspired by the Alice in Wonderland animated film.

Features artwork inspired by the iconic animated film.

Features artwork of Disney’s beloved animated villains.

An oracle deck inspired by witchy writers from across history and the world.

An oracle deck by the creator of The Wild Unknown Tarot that features a variety of adorable creatures.

Book Reading

Submit your reading query or request for information below!

Thank you! I'll be in touch with you soon <3


"Kori puts so much love and intention into all of her readings! I’ve been working with her for a few months and can confidently say all of her readings are accurate and helpful. Every time I’ve had a reading from her, I’ve left feeling more confident and empowered in my own self.

Kori is very attentive and able to read energies easily. Her readings have accurately tracked the major and minor shifts in my life, which is a testament to her innate skills as a spiritual tarot reader and astrologer. I would recommend her to anyone who would like a better understanding of themselves and which path in life they are leaning towards.



Erica Sabiniano, Owner of Rikki's Wickies

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